MDH window cleaning services

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Our mission

MDH window cleaning services

We are your reliable on-demand window cleaning service. We deliver our services to private and commercial cleaning with a professional touch.

Professional cleaning service that takes pride in every job, big or small.

We can clean any house windows to a very high standard with all frames and sills cleaned every clean. Most companies charge extra for this service. 

Conservatory Roofs cleaned in the same high standard, from small to large roofs.

Lean to roofs are cleaned with our pure water system dry and look as good as the squeegee clean.

Other Services we offer.

Gutter cleaning

Using our Gutter vac from the ground makes easy work of cleaning gutters from moss and leafs.

We can work upto 40ft and clean over conservatorys and extensions.

 Roof cleaning

We do clearing of moss on extensions and also do house roof cleaning.

We use a moss cleaning solutions after every clean which preserves the roof for 2 years.

Before photo.

Roof cleaning continued

This shows after cleaning and biocide sprayed.

Soffit/Fascia/outer gutter cleaning

We use a spray on UPVC cleaner on the outer whites and leave for 10 minutes. Most jobs can be done from the ground using a pole with a brush attached.

The photo shows the results achieved.

Contacting us, payments, send to address below.

48 Boundary Brook road oxford OX4 4AW

Text: 07709101822-Tel: 01865-708770
we will reply within 1 working day.

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